We are working tirelessly to bring in some of the nations most robust and advanced fiber networks to tribes and their surrounding communities. Our amazing IT and construction teams have the tractors and equipment to install and build-out the backbone fiber infrastructure plus skills to develop and integrate the fiber infrastructures into your offices and homes.

An Overview

Bright beautiful fiber lit by the worlds greatest hardware. We are getting there, step by step, tribe by tribe.

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Making a Change on the Fiber Internet Industry

Fiber Infrastructures that can achieve speeds beating most of the industries leading providers, with many build-outs costing little to nothing for the tribe or surrounding community.

Prepare for the best Digital Experience

Imagine speeds that no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t tap out all with no data caps on how much you can use daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. That’s what we work on achieving for your tribe and your community.

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Unlimited data to stream movies, TV shows and more.

Watch on smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players and more.

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